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IMG_8431It was a rainy Monday morning in London and the only thing that seemed to make this bearable was that my boyfriend and I were off to the Bahamas!

We couldn’t be more excited to take off onto another adventure! The first stop was Miami and then onto Nassau in the Bahamas, where we were greeted with paradise. Sporadic waves of turquoise blue water found our eyes glued to the plane window as we began our decent in the plane. If you want that true feeling of walking off the plane into a sauna, the Bahamas does just the trick (sorry Spain, you don’t make the cut anymore). Temperatures rose to at least 35 degrees or more daily and at night not much changed – SULA* was out in full force! *Sweaty Upper Lip Alert

Our time in the Bahamas started well, with a great transfer from the airport to our hotel. Organised by Majestic Tours, we were welcomed by a really friendly driver providing us with information about the island and had a great sense of humour. We were staying in the Comfort Suits on Paradise Island, a fabulous hotel and one of the most comfortable beds I have slept in, helping tackle the jet lag on the first night. A great perk to this hotel was its partnership with the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island, meaning that we got full use of all its facilities for free!

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We got taken on a tour of the island by a friend who lives out there which was really cool, followed by a delicious dinner in a local water-front restaurant. I tried two things here for the first time – a conch fritter and a margarita – totally in love! The Conch is the most indigenous to the Bahamas, served raw in salads or in a fritter. We saw a Conch being taken out of its shell and prepared into a salad right in front of us on the beach – it was incredible! P.S. spot the shark just chilling behind in the water..!!

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Day 2 was an exciting one – a boat trip over to the Exumas islands. After an exciting 40min ride on a speed boat we stopped off to feed the Iguanas some grapes, before finally arriving in true serenity – a private beach with a beach shack, it was a dream. An open bar all day (bring on the margaritas), shark and sting ray feeding, swimming with the sharks and exploring this island was a few of our days itineraries. We booked this trip through Majestic Tours, and were welcomed by really friendly guys who looked after us throughout the day, providing great entertainment and a great fresh Conch salad. They even made me enjoy swimming with sharks (BIG fear over here!) and it was an awesome experience – glad to tick that one off my bucket list! They have a whole range of other tour packages and next time we will definitely be booking with them again – great service, friendly staff and provided an unforgettable experience, A* from me!

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On the 3rd day we met friends to spend a day on the beach. This turned out to be one of the best days there, and were treated to an empty, private beach all day – it was truly magical.

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Longing for this day to never end, unfortunately our trip had to come to an abrupt end a week early. With Hurricane Irma approaching the Caribbean, our safety came first and so that evening, we boarded the last flight out of the Bahamas to the UK. Majestic Tours were extremely helpful and understanding when needing to change our flight to head home early. We were given our flight back for free which we were very fortunate for, considering people were being told they had to pay several hundreds or thousands of pounds to get a flight away from the approaching Hurricane Irma. So a special thanks to the people at Majestic Tours for making our trip unforgettable, and also keeping us updated and helping us get on the last flight back to the UK before the airport closed. Fantastic service and a great help with friendly staff – click here to explore their website and be sure to use them if you ever visit the Bahamas!

Although a short trip, we made the most of our 3 days and we will definitely be back!

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